Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Everything seems so much more interesting with a person in it."... interview with CARI ANN WAYMAN.

1Q) Can you please tell us the story behind this portrait? How you took it and why you choose to shoot this person?
Well, it's a self-portrait. I think self-portraits are so much easier to take for some reason, and i feel much more creative making a self-portrait. It's just a picture of myself with christmas lights. I wanted to see how they would shine through the flower fabric of my shirt.

2Q) What photography gear you used here and why? What is usually in your photo bag?
I used a nikon d50 and an 18-55mm lens. That was my old camera. Now i have a nikon d90 and an 18-105mm lens.

3Q) What do you love most about shooting portraits?
Everything seems so much more interesting with a person in it. More relatable. Maybe i'm shallow for thinking that. I don't know. 

4Q) Do you consider yourself mostly as a “portrait” photographer?
Kindof. More so about the relationship between person and place.

5Q) Do you work with available light or do you use additional lightning often?
Available light. Well, I guess the christmas lights are additional in this picture, aren't they? But i only use natural light.

6Q) What/Who are your photography muses and influences?
Abandoned buildings, wilderness, carnivals, songs, adventure.

7Q) Any tip for taking better portraits?
I like to just follow people, be quiet about it. Giving direction makes things awkward a lot. I'd rather it be about the moment than about photography. That's too serious, you know, haha.

Thank You, Cari!

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