Monday, May 9, 2011

"Draw your ideas down!" ... interview with CATHLINE DICKENS.

Cathline Dickens is an eighteen year old surreal portrait photographer in Western New York. She is going to major in environmental studies in a college just outside New York City to reach her goal of her dream job - National Geographic or the World Wildlife Foundation. Her inspiration stems from novels, music, and movies. Each of her photographs tells a different story about her, and some usually dig deep into her soul if looked at in the right way. 

1Q) Can you please tell us the story behind this portrait? How you took it and why you choose to shoot this person?
This photograph was actually apart of a Harry Potter series I did back around November of 2010. It was in commemoration of the Deathy Hallows release and to pay a little respect to a peice of my childhood. It was a self-portrait so the model was me and it look a lot of prepping to get the lighting right and the water to glow. This is a pensieve, you'd store memories in it and then you could look back at them whenever you wanted

2Q) What photography gear you used here and why? What is usually in your photo bag?
I used my Canon Rebel XS and it's original kit lens, I was just really getting into photography again around this time so I hadn't really purchased more equipment. Now, I usually have a 50mm lens which I'm starting to fall in love with, a UV filter, my tripod, a sheet of white sheer fabric and my lantern and matches. Those are all necessities when I go photographing.

3Q) What do you love most about shooting portraits?
Lately the aspect of shooting portraits has increased because the weather is finally warming up enough to try out my newest lens (50mm). I love the feeling when you do the shoot and as you're previewing some shots and you see there's a really good one, the itching to run home and edit it.

4Q) Do you consider yourself mostly as a “portrait” photographer?
I do. When I first began photographing with my DSLR I actually was a landscape photographer for awhile but I stemmed away from that and got more interested in photographing people (typically myself).

5Q) Do you work with available light or do you use additional lightning often?
Available light. I feel like artificial light adds a fake hue or makes a photograph look unnatural. I love trying to work with the light, light is a crucial part in a photograph and if you can't learn to work with it I don't think you really learn anything about photography at all.

6Q) What/Who are your photography muses and influences?
I find some people's photographs inspiring, some of my favorite photographers are:
I could go on for ages.

7Q) Any tip for taking better portraits?
I find it extremely helpful to draw my ideas down and label every tiny detail I may need in order to make it perfect, I feel like that makes what's in your mind come to life. My old photography teacher taught us that and it really helps.

Thank You, Cathline!

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